Podio API Documentation

Items: Update item

PUT /item/{item_id}

Update an already existing item. Values will only be updated for fields included. To delete all values for a field supply an empty array as values for that field.

When revision is specified in the body, the update method will check that the changes will no conflict with changes made since that revision. If a conflict is detected, HTTP status code 409 is returned.

PHP Client
PodioItem::update( $item_id, $attributes = array(), $options = array() );
Ruby Gem
Podio::Item.update( id, attributes )

True if hooks should be executed for the change, false otherwise.

Default value: true

If set to true, the object will not be bumped up in the stream and notifications will not be generated.

Default value: false
Request { "revision": The revision of the item that is being updated. This is optional, "external_id": The new external_id of the item, "fields": The values for each field, see the create item operation for details, "file_ids": The list of attachments, "tags": The list of tags, "reminder": Optional reminder on this task { "remind_delta": Minutes (integer) to remind before the due date }, "recurrence": The recurrence for the task, if any, { "name": The name of the recurrence, "weekly", "monthly" or "yearly", "config": The configuration for the recurrence, depends on the type { "days": List of weekdays ("monday", "tuesday", etc) (for "weekly"), "repeat_on": When to repeat, "day_of_week" or "day_of_month" (for "monthly") }, "step": The step size, 1 or more, "until": The latest date the recurrence should take place }, "linked_account_id": The linked account to use for meetings, "ref" The reference of the item { "type": The type of reference, "id": The id of the reference } }   For an example of the values part, see create item operation
Response { "revision": The id of the new revision, "title": The new title of the item }


The sandbox only handles GET operations for now.