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Items: Get item count

GET /item/app/{app_id}/count

Returns the number of items on app matching a given saved view or set of filter(s).

PHP Client
PodioItem::get_count( $app_id );

The key with corresponding value to use for filtering the results. For the valid keys and values see the filter area. 

For list filtering (state, app, member), the value is given as a semi-colon-separated list, f.ex. "1;2" or "active;deleted". To include items with a field not set to any value use "null" in the lists, f.ex. "1;null" or "null;active".

For range filtering (created_on, last_edit_ondate, progress, number) the value is given as "x-y", f.ex. "20-100" or "2010-12-01-2011-01-01". Date filtering also supports relative filtering, see the filter area for details.

For auth filtering (created_bylast_edit_by) the value should be given as a semi-colon-separated list on the form "type:id", f.ex. "user:1".

To f.ex. get all items with a state field either not set or set to "active" would look like /item/app/123/?876=null;active, with 123 being the id of the app and 876 the id of the state field.


Applies the given view, if set to 0, the last used view will be used

Response { "count": Total number of items matching the view or filters, }


Try the operation "/item/app/{app_id}/count"

You can simulate the API request by filling out the arguments below, and press the submit button to see the response.

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