Podio API Documentation

Items: Add new item

POST /item/app/{app_id}/

Adds a new item to the given app.

PHP Client
PodioItem::create( $app_id, $attributes = array(), $options = array() );
Ruby Gem
Podio::Item.create( app_id, attributes )

True if hooks should be executed for the change, false otherwise.

Default value: true

If set to true, the object will not be bumped up in the stream and notifications will not be generated.

Default value: false
Request { "external_id": The external id of the item. This can be used to hold a reference to the item in an external system. "fields": The values for each field, { "{field_id/external_id}": The values for the given field. Can be in any of the following formats: [ { "{sub_id}":{value}, ... (more sub_ids and values) }, ... (more values) ]   or   [ {value}, ... (more values) ]   or   { "{sub_id}":{value}, ... (more sub_ids and values) }   or   {value} }, .... (more fields) }, "file_ids": Temporary files that have been uploaded and should be attached to this item, [ {file_id}, .... (more file ids) ], "tags": The tags to put on the item [ {tag}: The text of the tag to add, ... (more tags) ], "reminder": Optional reminder on this task { "remind_delta": Minutes (integer) to remind before the due date }, "recurrence": The recurrence for the task, if any, { "name": The name of the recurrence, "weekly", "monthly" or "yearly", "config": The configuration for the recurrence, depends on the type { "days": List of weekdays ("monday", "tuesday", etc) (for "weekly"), "repeat_on": When to repeat, "day_of_week" or "day_of_month" (for "monthly") }, "step": The step size, 1 or more, "until": The latest date the recurrence should take place }, "linked_account_id": The linked account to use for the meeting, "ref": The reference for the new item, if any { "type": The type of the reference, currently only "item", "id": The id of the reference } }   For an example of the values, see the get item operation.
Response { "item_id": The id of the newly created item, "title": The title of the newly created item }


The sandbox only handles GET operations for now.