Podio API Documentation


Tasks are used to track what work has to be done. Tasks have the following properties:

  • Tasks can be stand-alone or can reference another object. 
  • Tasks can be delegated to other users of Podio. 
  • Tasks can be private or public. When private, only the creator, the assignee and assignor can see the task.
  • Tasks can have a due date, which is the target date for completion. When tasks miss their due date, they become over-due.
  • Tasks can be organized by assigning labels to them.

A task can be in one of the following states:

  • active: The task is active and not yet completed
  • completed: The task is completed

The following actions can be performed on a task:

  • assign: Reassign the task to another user to make that user responsible for the task
  • update due date: Update the due date of the task
  • update text: Update the text of the task
  • update private: Make the task private or public
  • update reference: Update the object the task references
  • update labels: Update the labels of the task
  • complete: Mark the task as completed
  • incomplete: Mark the task as being incomplete