Podio API Documentation


An alert is a ping from on user to one or more other users. The ping is public and part of object views. Alerts can currently be made on comments, but alerts through other actions could be possible in the future.

Alerts can be made from multiple actions, and will have a reference to the object that included the alert. The following types are possible:

  • comment
  • status

Either users or entire spaces can be mentioned. To mention a user use the following code in the text of the status or comment:

@[Christian Holm](user:1)

To mention a space use the following:



When the user mentioned does not have access to object the mention is on, one of three things can happen:

  • If the object is sharable and the active user has access to share the object, the object is automatically shared with the mentioned user
  • If the object is not shareable and the user cannot be invited to the workspace, an error with id "alert.no_access" is returned. 
  • If the user can be invited to the workspace, an error with id "alert.no_access.invite" is returned. The space_id and space_name of the workspace will be include in the parameters section of the error. If the end user decides to invite those users, the query parameter "alert_invite" can be set to "true", and the users will be automatically invited.

The error will also include the list of users affected under the "names" attribute and the user ids will be given under "user_ids".