Podio API Documentation


Forms can be used to enable direct submission into apps from websites. Forms can be configured through the API, but can only be used through the JS script.


  • Arial
  • Georgia
  • Lucida Sans Unicode


  • clean
  • glossy
  • classic
  • dark

Field types

The following field types can be used in forms.

  • title
  • text
  • number
  • state
  • image
  • date
  • money
  • progress
  • video
  • contact
  • duration
  • embed
  • category

In addition file attachments are supported.

Some fields can be configured to behave in a certain way. The fields with special settings are listed below:


  "contact_field_types": [ 'name', 'address', ... (see contact area for a list of all supported contact field types) ] (this setting will be deprecated soon)