Podio API Documentation


This API makes it possible to search across Podio.

What is indexed

  • items: title, text and number field values, comments, tags
  • tasks: title, description, comments. Private tasks are searchable only by the creator and the (currently) responsible.
  • statuses: body, comments
  • files: name
  • conversations: title, messages. Searchable only by the participants.
  • profiles: name, title, skill, about, location, mail, phone, skype.
  • org
  • app
  • space

Text preprocessing

Text values are preprocessed as follows when indexed:

  • Text is split into terms at space(s) and/or punctuation character(s).
  • Terms are converted to lowercase and "stemmed", for example "cars" -> "car", "going" -> "go".
  • Accented characters (ó, ò, ñ) are converted to the closest english equivalent.

For example, a status message such as "Toys.R.Us having Über SUCCESS!" is split into the following terms: toy, r, us, have, uber, success.