Podio API Documentation


Each user has a profile attached, that holds all the personal details of the user. This includes very basic information like the name and mail addresses, but can also include more advanced fields like billing address and IM addresses. Fields can have either one or multiple values. There can f.ex. only be one name, but multiple mail addresses. The value of a field can either be a string, a number or a date.

Available fields

The following fields are currently available:

  • name: The full name [String, single]
  • avatar: The file id of the avatar [Integer, single] 
  • birthdate: The birthdate [Date, single]
  • organization: The organization or company the person is associated with [String, single]
  • department: The department of the organization [String, single]
  • skype: The username for Skype [String, single]
  • about: Short text about the person [String, single]
  • address: The address where the person lives or work [String, multiple]
  • zip: The zip code of the address [String, single]
  • city: The name of the city [String, single]
  • state: The name of the state, only applicable in some countries [String, single]
  • country: The name of the country [String, single]
  • location: The location of the person [String, multiple]
  • mail: Email address [String, multiple]
  • phone: The phone number [String, multiple]
  • title: The persons title, usually the work title [String, multiple]
  • linkedin: The full URL of the users LinkedIn profile [String, single]
  • twitter: The name of the users Twitter profile [String, single]
  • url: An URL to the persons homepage or the homepage of the company [String, multiple]
  • skill: The skill of the user [String, multiple]

The following fields can only be set when updating a user profile:

  • app_store_about: Short text for the person when displayed in the app store [String, single]
  • app_store_organization: The company name to display in the app store [String, single]
  • app_store_location: The location to display in the app store [String, single]
  • app_store_title: The title to display in the app store [String, single]
  • app_store_url: The url to display in the app store [String, single]

Ordering options

The contacts can be returned in the following orders:

  • Order based on interaction. The following options are available:
    • assign: How often the active user assigns tasks to the contact
    • message: How often the active user sends messages to the contact
    • reference: How often the active user sets the member as the reference on a member item field.
    • alert: How often the active user have alerted the contact in a status or comment.
    • overall: How often the active user have communicated with the other user in general.
  • Order by filtering (any of the returned fields), where the contacts will be returned in the order of the field on which they are filtered
  • Order by name, which is the default.