Podio API Documentation



item.create: Triggered when an item is created in the given app

item.update: Triggered when any change is done to the item in an app

item.delete: Triggered when an item is deleted in an app


task.create: Creates a new task

  • task.text
  • task.description
  • task.responsible
  • task.due

item.update: Updates the item

  • item.field.{external_id}
  • tag

status.create: Creates a status on the item's space

  • status.value

comment.create: Creates a comment on the item

  • comment.value

conversation.create: Creates a new conversation

  • conversation.subject
  • conversation.text
  • conversation.participant

octoblu.trigger: Trigger octoblu url. Config contains:

  • trigger_url" : "https://URL"