Podio API Documentation


This API controls the integration supported by Podio "out-of-the-box". The following integration are available and their required configuration:

Zendesk (zendesk)

Imports tickets from Zendesk along with attachments and comments.

  "username": The username of the user to read tickets through,
  "password": The password of the above user,
  "domain": The domain of the Zendesk account (f.ex. hoist.zendesk.com)

Campaign Monitor (campaign_monitor)

Imports campaigns from campaign monitor along with the recipients.

  "key": The API key associated with the account

Freshbooks (freshbooks)

Imports invoices from Freshbook along with customers as space contacts

  "token_key": The OAuth token key,
  "token_secret": The OAuth token secret,
  "subdomain": The subdomain of the Freshbooks account.

RSS (rss)

Imports entries from any RSS/Atom feed.

  "feed": The full URL to the feed. The feed must be a RSS or Atom feed,
  "comments": True if comments should be created, false otherwise

Evernote (evernote)

Imports notes from Evernote.

  "token": The token from Evernote