Podio API Documentation



Actions are activities performed by users that does not pertain to one of the core objects in Podio, items, tasks and statuses. Instead an action is a point-in-time activity performed by a user. 


Actions can be one of the following types. More types can be added at any time, so any implementation should ignore types it does not know.

  • space_created (space)
  • member_added (space_member)
  • member_left (space_member)
  • member_kicked (space_member)
  • app_created (app)
  • app_updated (app)
  • app_deleted (app)
  • app_installed (app)
  • app_activated (app)
  • app_deactivated (app)


Additional data is supplied along with the action depending on the type, which is defined in parentheses above.


  "space_id": The id of the space,
  "name": The name of the space,
  "url": The full URL to the space,
  "url_label": The URL label (slug) of the space


  "role": The role of the user,
  "user": The user
    "user_id": The id of the user,
    "name": The name of the user,
    "avatar": The file id of the users avatar


  "app_id": The id of the app,
  ... (more, see the app area for details)