Podio API Documentation

Items: Bulk delete items

POST /item/app/{app_id}/delete

Deletes items from a given app based in bulk and removes them from all views. The data can no longer be retrieved.

The items to be removed can be specified:

  • Explicitly by id, using the "item_ids" query parameter
  • Implicitly, by a saved view and/or as key/value filters.

note: app authenticated client is not allowed to delete items.



PHP Client
PodioItem::bulk_delete( $app_id, $attributes = array(), $options = array() );

If set to true, the object will not be bumped up in the stream and notifications will not be generated.

Default value: false
Request { "item_ids": An explicit list of item ids to be deleted,
... (more item ids)
"view_id": The id of the saved view whose items are to be deleted. Ignored if "item_ids" is given.
"filters": The filters to apply. Ignored if "item_ids" is given. { "{key}": The value for the key filtering, ... (more filters) },


Response { "deleted": List of item ids that have been deleted at this point
... (more item ids)
], "pending": List of remaining item ids to be deleted
... (more item ids)


The sandbox only handles GET operations for now.