Podio API Documentation

Items: Filter items

POST /item/app/{app_id}/filter/

Filters the items and returns the matching items. Full details of the filtering options available can be found in the "Views" area.

PHP Client
PodioItem::filter( $app_id, $attributes = array(), $options = array() );
Ruby Gem
Podio::Item.find_by_filter_values( app_id, filter_values, attributes = {} )
Request { "sort_by": The sort order to use, "sort_desc": True to sort descending, false otherwise, "filters": The filters to apply { "{key}": The value for the key filtering, ... (more filters) }, "limit": The maximum number of items to return, defaults to 30, "offset": The offset into the returned items, defaults to 0, "remember": True if the view should be remembered, false otherwise }
Response { "total": Total number of items, "filtered": Total number of items matching the filter, "items": The items returned, [ { "item_id": Id of the item, "initial_revision": The information on who created the first revision of the item { "revision": The revision number, "app_revision": The revision of the app at the time this item revision was made, "created_by": The entity who made the revision, "created_via": Through which client the revision was made, "created_on": When the revision was created }, "current_revision": The latest revision, contains the same as the initial_revision field,
"last_event_on": The date and time of the last activity, "external_id": The external id of the item, if any, "title": The title of the item. This is made of up one of the fields below, or by the item name and id, "link": The link to the item, "rights": The list of rights the active user has on this item, "fields": Each field for which there are values in the correct order, [ { "field_id": The id of the field, "type": The type of the field, "label": The label of the field, "values": The values for the field, [ { "{sub_id}":"{value}", .... (more sub values) }, .... (more values) ] }, ... (more fields) ], "comment_count": Number of comments on the item "ratings": The ratings that was done on the item [ ... See the get all ratings operation for details, ], "file_count": The number of files on the item }, ... (more items) ] }  


The sandbox only handles GET operations for now.