Podio API Documentation

Tasks: Update task

PUT /task/{task_id}

Updates the task with the given attributes. Any attributes not specified will remain unchanged.

PHP Client
PodioTask::update( $task_id, $attributes = array(), $options = array() );
Ruby Gem
Podio::Task.update( id, attributes, options = {} )

True if hooks should be executed for the change, false otherwise.

Default value: true

If set to true, the object will not be bumped up in the stream and notifications will not be generated.

Default value: false

{"text": The updated text (title) for the task,
"description": The updated description for the task,
"due_date": The new due date for the task (in users timezone),
"due_time": The new due time for the task (in users timezone),
"responsible": The user id of the responsible user,
"private": True if the task is private, False otherwise,
"ref_type": The reference type for the task,
"ref_id": The reference id for the task,

"completed": Boolean indicating if the task has been marked as completed / not completed,
"labels": The labels for the task. Either a list of label ids or label texts,
"file_ids": The list of files that should be attached to the task,
"reminder": Optional reminder on this task
    "remind_delta": Minutes (integer) to remind before the due date.
                           If the value is empty, the existing reminder is deleted.

Response { "task_id": The id of the task, ... (more, see the get task operation) }


The sandbox only handles GET operations for now.