Podio API Documentation

Tasks: Get task summary

GET /task/summary

Returns the task summary for the active user

PHP Client
PodioTask::get_summary( $attributes = array() );
Ruby Gem
Podio::Task.find_summary( options = {} )

The maximum number of tasks to return in each group

Default value: 4
Response { "overdue": The tasks that are overdue { "total": The total number of tasks, "tasks": The tasks in the group [ { "task_id": The id of the task, "status": The status of the task, "text": The text of the task, "description": The description of the task, "due_date": The due date of the task, if any (in local time), "due_time": The due time of the task, if any (in local time), "due_on": The due date and time of the task, if any (in UTC), "responsible": The responsible user { "user_id": The id of the user, "name": The name of the user, "avatar": The users avatar }, "link": The link to the task }, ... (more tasks, up to the limit) ] }, "today": Tasks due today { ... (same as the overdue group) } "other": The remaining tasks { ... (same as the overdue group) } }


Try the operation "/task/summary"

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