Podio API Documentation

Organizations: Get space by org and URL

This operation is deprecated and will be removed soon. Please use Get space by URL.
GET /org/{org_id}/space/url/{url}

Return the space with the given URL on the space. To get the space related to http://company.podio.com/intranet, first lookup the organization on "company" and then the space using this function using the URL "intranet".


The full URL of the space. The URL does not have to be truncated to the space root, it can be the full URL of the resource.

Response { "space_id": The id of the space, .... (see the get space operation for the full signature) }



Try the operation "/org/{org_id}/space/url/{url}"

You can simulate the API request by filling out the arguments below, and press the submit button to see the response.

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