Podio API Documentation

Spaces: Get space by URL

GET /space/url

Returns the space and organization with the given full URL.

PHP Client
PodioSpace::get_for_url( $attributes = array() );
Ruby Gem
Podio::Space.find_by_url( url )

The org of the slug to search for


The slug of the url to search for


The full URL of the space. The URL does not have to be truncated to the space root, it can be the full URL of the resource.

Response { "space_id": The id of the space, "name": The name of the space, "url": The full URL of the space, f.ex. "https://company.podio.com/intranet", "url_label": The URL label (slug), f.ex. "intranet" "post_on_new_app": True if new apps should be announced with a status update, false otherwise, "post_on_new_member": True if new members should be announced with a status update, false otherwise, "rights": The list of rights the active user has on this space, "video": The youtube id of any introduction video, "created_on": The date and time the space was created, "created_by": The user who created the space, { "user_id": The id of the user, "avatar": The file id of the avatar of the user, "name": The name of the user } "role": The role of the active user on the space, "subscribed": True if the user is subscribed to the space, false otherwise "org": The organization the space is part of, { "org_id": The id of the org, "name": The name of the org, "url": The full url of the org, "logo": The file id of the logo, "premium": True if the organization is a premium organization, false otherwise, "type": The type of the organization, either "free", "sponsored" or "premium" } }


Try the operation "/space/url"

You can simulate the API request by filling out the arguments below, and press the submit button to see the response.

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