Podio API Documentation

Organizations: Get organization

GET /org/{org_id}

Gets the organization with the given id.

PHP Client
PodioOrganization::get( $org_id );
Ruby Gem
Podio::Organization.find( id )
Response { "org_id": The id of the organization, "name": The name of the organization, "url": The full URL of the organization, "url_label": The first part of the URL used for the full URL, "status": The status of the organization, can be "active" or "inactive", "logo": The file id of the logo, "user_limit": The maximum number of users that are allowed in the organization, "type": The type of the organization, either "free", "sponsored" or "premium", "segment": The segment of the organization,
"tier": Tier of currently logged in user in the organization. "sales_agent_id": The id of the sales agent connected to the organization, "domains": The list of domains on the organization, "role": The role the user has on the organization,
"trial_expired_on": Expiration date for Trial org, "Null" for all other types, "created_on": The date and time when the organization was created, "created_by": The user that created the organization
{ "id": The id of the user, "avatar": The file id of the avatar of the user, "name": The name of the user } }


Try the operation "/org/{org_id}"

You can simulate the API request by filling out the arguments below, and press the submit button to see the response.

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