Podio API Documentation

App market: Share app

POST /app_store/

Shares the app or pack in the app market.

Ruby Gem
Podio::AppStoreShare.create( attributes )
Request {  "scope": The scope the app should be shared with, either "public" or "private", defaults to "public", "ref_type": The type of object to share, either "app" or "space", "ref_id": The id of the object to be shared, "name": The name of the share (only valid for sharing of space), "abstract": The abstract of the app, "description": The description of the app, "language": The language the app is written in, "category_ids": The ids of the categories the app should be placed in, "file_ids": The file ids to use as screenshots for the app, "video": The youtube id of a introduction video, if any, "features": The list of features to enable [ "{feature}", ... (more features) ], "children": The ids of the child shares that this share should include }  
Response { "share_id": The id of the newly created share }


The sandbox only handles GET operations for now.