Podio API Documentation

App market: Get top shares

GET /app_store/{type}/top/

Returns the top apps in the app market in the given language.


The maximum number of results to return

Default value: 6

The offset into the returned results

Default value: 0

The type of shares to return, either "app" or "pack", leave out for all shares

Response { "total": The total number of shares, "shares": The shares matching the offset and limit [ { "share_id": The id of the share, "type": The type of share, either "app" or "pack", "parent": The parent of the share, { "share_id": The id of the parent share, .... }, "children": The children of the share, [ { "share_id": The id of the child share, .... }, ... (more children) ] "name": The name of the app, "abstract": The abstract of the share, "icon": The icon associated with the app, "rating": The average rating of the app, "screenshots": The screenshots of the app, [ { "file_id": The id of the file for the screenshot, ... (see the file area for details) }, ... (more files) ] }, ... (more apps) ] }  


Try the operation "/app_store/{type}/top/"

You can simulate the API request by filling out the arguments below, and press the submit button to see the response.

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