Podio API Documentation

Files: Get latest files on space

This operation is deprecated and will be removed soon. Please use Get files.
GET /file/space/{space_id}/latest/

Returns the latest files on the space order descending by the date the file was uploaded.

Ruby Gem
Podio::FileAttachment.find_latest_for_space( space_id, options = {} )

The limit of how many files should be returned. Cannot be any higher than 50.

Default value: 10

The offset to use when returning files to be used for pagination.

Default value: 0
Response [ { "file_id": The id of the file, "name": The name of the file, "mimetype": The mimetype of the file, "size": The size of the file, "context": The reference to context of the file, { "type": The type of the reference, "id": The id of the reference, "title": The title of the reference, "link": The link to the context }, "created_on": The date and time the file was uploaded,     "created_by": The entity who created the file, "created_via": The interface the file was created through, }, ... (more files) ]



Try the operation "/file/space/{space_id}/latest/"

You can simulate the API request by filling out the arguments below, and press the submit button to see the response.

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