Podio API Documentation

Files: Get file

GET /file/{file_id}

Returns the file with the given id

PHP Client
PodioFile::get( $file_id );
Ruby Gem
Podio::FileAttachment.find( id )
Response { "file_id": The id of the file, "name": The name of the file, "description": The description of the file, "mimetype": The type of the file, see the area for allowed types, "size": The size of the file in bytes, "rights": The list of rights the active user has on the file, "link": The link to the download the file,
"link_target": The target for the link, either "_blank" or "_self", "perma_link": The link to the file permalink, "thumbnail_link": The link to get a thumbnail for the file,
"is_liked": True if the active user liked the file, false otherwise,
"like_count": The number of users who liked the file, "subscribed": True if the active user is subscribed to updates, false otherwise,
"subscribed_count": The number of users subscribed to the status, "push": Details about the push channel
"channel": The name of the channel for the push service,
"signature": The signature for the channel,
"timestamp": The timestamp of the signature
}, "created_on": The date and time when the file was uploaded, "created_by": The entity who created the file, "created_via": The interface the file was created through, "replaces": The file this file replaces, if any, { "file_id": The id of the file, .... (more data, same as above) } }


Try the operation "/file/{file_id}"

You can simulate the API request by filling out the arguments below, and press the submit button to see the response.

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