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Files: Get files

GET /file/

Returns a list of all files matching the given filters and sorted by the specified attribute.

PHP Client
PodioFile::get_all( $attributes = array() );

The type of the entity the file is attached to. Can be one of {"item", "status", "task" and "space"}.


The entities that created the file. See auth objects on the view area for details.


The from and to date the file was created between. For valid operations see date filtering under the view area.


The type of the file. Can be one of {"image", "application", "video", "text", "audio"}.


Which provider actually hosts the files. Currently can be one of {"podio", "google", "boxnet", "dropbox", "evernote", "live", "sharefile", "sugarsync", "yousendit"}.


The maximum number of files to return

Default value: 20

How the files should be sorted. Can be one of {"name", "created_on"}

Default value: name

true for to sort in descending order, false in ascending

Default value: true
Response [ { "file_id": The id of the file, "name": The name of the file, "mimetype": The mimetype of the file, "size": The size of the file, "hosted_by": The host of the file (currently "podio" or "google"), "hosted_by_humanized_name": The humanized name of the host of the file, "rights": The list of rights the active user has on the file, "created_on": The date and time the file was uploaded, "created_by": The entity who created the file, "created_via": The interface the file was created through,  "context": The reference to context of the file, { "type": The type of the reference, "id": The id of the reference, "title": The title of the reference, "link": The link to the context, "app": The app of the item if the context is an item or null otherwise, { "app_id": The id of the app, "name": The name of the app, "item_name": The name for a single item of the app, "url_label": The url label of the app, "icon": The icon filename of the app, } }, }, ... (more files) ]



Try the operation "/file/"

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