Podio API Documentation

Views: Update last view

PUT /view/app/{app_id}/last

Updates the last view for the active user

PHP Client
PodioView::update_last( $app_id, $attributes = array() );
Ruby Gem
Podio::View.update_last( app_id, attributes )
Request { "sort_by": How the sorting should be, see the area for details, "sort_desc": True if sorting should be descending, false otherwise, "filters": The filters on the view [ { "key": The key of the filter, either a field id or special types like "created_by", "last_edit_by", "values": The value(s) to be used for filtering, depends on the type of field. See the area for details. }, ... (more filters) ], "layout": The layout used, see the app area for details, "fields": Any specific settings for fields { "{field_id}": The setting for the given field { "delta_offset": The offset from the fields normal delta, "width": Any specific width the field is rendered as, "hidden": True if the field is hidden, False otherwise, "use": The use of the column either "x_axis" or "y_axis", if any }, ... (more fields) } }


The sandbox only handles GET operations for now.