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Stream: Get global stream v3

GET /stream/v3/

Get global stream - version 3


The types of events to include in the returned activity groups.


Default value: 2

Maximum number of groups returned

Default value: 10

Index of first returned group

Default value: 0

Result is an list of objects with following properties:

  • activity_groups - List of ActivitiesGroup
  • app - The app from which the references are.
  • data - The data associated with the events. This is only given for groups of kind "single".
  • files - The files attached to the object
  • id - The id of the reference.
  • is_liked - True if the active user has liked this object, false otherwise.
  • like_count - The number of users who have liked this object
  • link - The link to referenced item
  • org - Organization of referenced item
  • rights - The rights the active user has on the item.
  • space - Referenced space
  • subscribed - True if the active user is subscribed to the object, false otherwise.
  • subscribed_count - The total number of users subscribed to the object.
  • title - Title of referencec item
  • type - The type of activity. Can be one of: comment file rating creation update task answer rsvp grant This property is only given for groups of kind "single"


Try the operation "/stream/v3/"

You can simulate the API request by filling out the arguments below, and press the submit button to see the response.

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