Podio API Documentation

Conversations: Create conversation

This operation is deprecated and will be removed soon. Please use Create conversation v2.
POST /conversation/

Creates a new conversation with a list of users. Once a conversation is started, the participants cannot (yet) be changed.

PHP Client
PodioConversation::create( $attributes = array() );
Ruby Gem
Podio::Conversation.create( attributes )
Request { "subject": The subject of the conversation, "text": The body of the first message in the conversation, "file_ids": The list of file ids to be attached to the initial message, "participants": List of participants in the conversation (not including the sender), [ {user_id}, ... (more user ids) ], "embed_id": [OPTIONAL] The id of an embedded link that has been created with the Add an mebed operation in the Embed area, "embed_url": The url to be attached, "session": Data about any chat/video session { "type": The type of session, either "normal" or "omega", "data": The data for joining the session, depends on the type of session } }
Response { "conversation_id": The id of the newly created conversation, "message_id": The id of the first message in the conversation }


The sandbox only handles GET operations for now.