Podio API Documentation

Status: Add new status message

POST /status/space/{space_id}/

Creates a new status message for a user on a specific space. A status update is simply a short text message that the user wishes to share with the rest of the space.

PHP Client
PodioStatus::create( $space_id, $attributes = array() );
Ruby Gem
Podio::Status.create( space_id, attributes = [] )

True if any mentioned user should be automatically invited to the workspace if the user does not have access to the object and access cannot be granted to the object.

Default value: false
Request {
  "value": The actual status message, "file_ids": [OPTIONAL] Temporary files that have been uploaded and should be attached to this item, [ {file_id}, .... (more file ids) ], "embed_id": [OPTIONAL] The id of an embedded link that has been created with the Add an mebed operation in the Embed area, "embed_url": The url to be attached,
"question": "Any question to be attached,
"text": The text of the question,
"options": The list of answer options as strings
} } 
Response {
  "status_id": The id of the newly created status message, ... (more properties, see the get status operation)


The sandbox only handles GET operations for now.