Podio API Documentation

Space members: Add member to space

POST /space/{space_id}/member/

Adds a list of users (either through user_id or email) to the space. If the user limit is reached, status code 403 will be returned.

PHP Client
PodioSpaceMember::add( $space_id, $attributes = array() );
Request { "role": The role of the new users, "message": The personalized message to put in the invitation, "users": The list of users ids to invite, "profiles": The list of profile ids to invite to the space, "mails": The list of mail addresses for new or existing Podio users, "external_contacts": The external contacts to invite { "{linked_account_id}": The list of external contacts for the given linked account, ... (more linked accounts) }, "context_ref_type": Optionally specify "item" to indicate invite to a specific item, "context_ref_id": Must be set to the item id if source_key is set,
"invite_context": A optional custom string indicating where the user was when he/she invited the user(s). }  


The sandbox only handles GET operations for now.