Podio API Documentation

Search: Search in space

POST /search/space/{space_id}/

Searches in all items, statuses and non-private tasks in the space. The objects will be returned sorted descending by the time the object had any update.

PHP Client
PodioSearchResult::space( $space_id, $attributes = array() );
Ruby Gem
Podio::Search.in_space( space_id, words, attributes = {} )

The list of fields to search in. Can f.ex. be used to limit the search to the "title" field.

Request { "query": The text to search for, "limit": (optional) The number of results to return; up to 20 results are returned in one call. "offset": (optional) The rank of the first search result to return (default=0),
"ref_type": The type of objects to search for. Can be one of "item", "task", "conversation", "app", "status", "file" and "profile" }
Response [ { "type": The type of object, either "item", "status" or "task", "id": The id of the object, "rank": The rank of the object among the search results, starting from 0, "title": The title of the object, "created_on": The date and time the object was created, "created_by": The user who created the object, { "user_id": The id of the user, "avatar": The avatar of the user, "name": The full name of the user }, "link": The direct link to the object, "space": The space of the object, { "space_id": The id of the space, "name": The name of the space, "url": The full url to the space }, "org": The organization of the object, { "org_id": The id of the organization, "name": The name of the organization, "url": The full url to the organization, "logo": The file id of the logo of the organization }, "app": The app the result is in (if any) { "app_id": The id of the app, "name": The name of the app, "item_name": The name for items in the app, "icon": The icon for the app } } ]


The sandbox only handles GET operations for now.