Podio API Documentation

Reference: Search references

POST /reference/search

Search for references for use in various contexts.

PHP Client
PodioReference::search( $attributes = array() );
Ruby Gem
Podio::Reference.search( target, query, limit )
Request {  "target": The target use of the references: must be one of {"task_reference", "task_responsible", "alert", "conversation", "conversation_presence", "grant", "item_field", "item_created_by", "item_created_via", "item_location", "item_tags", "global_nav", "script_variables", "apps", "invite", "extension", "spaces", "flow_app_dependencies",
"giphys", "hash_tag", "search_in" and "search_by"}, "target_params": Any target-specific extra parameters // target = "item_field" {
"field_id": Id of the field to search for. Currently only fields of type "app" and "contact" are supported,
"not_item_ids": A list of id's that should be excluded from the result
}, // target = "item_created_by", "item_created_via" or "item_tags" {
"app_id": Id of the app to search for
// target = "item_location"
"field_id": Id of the field to search,
"subfield": subfield to search on: "country", "state", "city" or "postal_code"

// target = "script_variables"
"app_id": The app for which to retrieve variables,
"field_id": The id of the field to retrieve variables for, if any

// target = "task_responsible":
"task_id": The id of the task you are editing.

// target = "hash_tag":
"context": The context the hash tag will be on
"type": The type of the context,
"id": The id of the context

"text": The text to search for (optional), "limit": The maximum number of results to return (optional) }
Response [ { "name": The name of the group; one of {"spaces", "app", "profiles", "created_bys", "created_bys", "tags", "space_contacts", "space_members", "auth_clients", "tasks", "variables"} "data": The data for the group, depends on the name of the group, { // group_type = "app" "app_id": Id of the app the items belong to,
"item_name": General name for this type of item,
"icon_id": Icon for the app,
"type": One of "standard" or "meeting",
"name": Name of app,
"space_id": Id of the space the app belongs to,
"name": Name of the space
"org": {
... (see get org)
} // group_type = "space_members", "space_contacts"
"space_id": The id of the space,
"name": The name of the space,
"type": The type of the space,
"url": The full URL to the space,
"url_label": The URL label for the space

// group_type = "variables"
"app": The app the variables are from,
"label": The label of the group of variables } "contents": The contents for the group, depends on the name of the group [ // group_type = "spaces"
"space_id": Id of the space the app belongs to,
"name": Name of the space, "member_count": The number of members in the space, excluding the active user,
"org": {
... (see get org)
// group_type = "app"
"item_id": Id of the item,
"title": Title of the item
// group_type = "profiles", "space_members", "space_contacts"
"profile_id": Id of the profile,
"user_id": Id of the user,
"name": Name of the user
"avatar": Url to user's avatar, if user has one
} // group_type = "created_bys"       {
"type": Reference type of the creator ("user" or "app"),
"id": Reference id of the creator,
"name": Name of the creator,
"url": Permalink to the creator,

// group_type = "location"
matched subfield string   // group_type = "created_vias" {  "id": Id of the client,
"name": Name of the client,
"url": Url of the client, }, // group_type = "tasks" {
        "task_id": Id of the task,
        "text": Title of the task,
        "description": Description of the task,
        "ref": Referred of the task (if any),

// group_type = "tags"
tag string // group_type = "variables"
"id": The id of the variable,
"label:" The label for the variable,
"type": The type of the variable, either "number", "date" or "text"
] }, ... (more groups) ]


The sandbox only handles GET operations for now.