Podio API Documentation

Linked Accounts: Get Linked Accounts

GET /linked_account/

Get all linked accounts for the currently logged in user


The required capability. Can be one of the following:

  • contacts
  • files
  • meetings
  • calendar
  • profile
  • message
  • social
  • addressbook

Can be used to limit the check to only a single provider

Valid options are:

  • google
  • legacy_google
  • google_apps
  • citrix
  • share_fiel
Response [   { "linked_account_id": 1,
"status": The status of the account, either "active" or "revoked", "label": "thedude@gmail.com", "provider": "google", "provider_humanized_name": The humanized name for the provider, "capability_names": The names for each capability the provider supports { "{capability}": The name for the given capability, f.ex. "SkyDrive" for files for the Live provider, ... (more capabilities) }, "options": The options on the linked account { "action_instal": True if actions are created when an app or pack is installed from the app market, "action_share": True if actions are created when an app or pack is shared to the app market } }, ... (more accounts) ]


Try the operation "/linked_account/"

You can simulate the API request by filling out the arguments below, and press the submit button to see the response.

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