Podio API Documentation

Forms: Create form

POST /form/app/{app_id}/

Creates a new form on the app.

Ruby Gem
Podio::Form.create( app_id, attributes )
Request {
"settings": The settings of the form,
"captcha": True if captcha is enabled, false otherwise,
"text": The texts used for the form,
"heading": A heading to display when the webform is not embedded (OPTIONAL),
"description": An explanatory text to display when the webform is not embedded (OPTIONAL),
"submit": The text for the submit button,
"success": The text when the form was successfully submitted
"theme": The theme to use, for a list of valid themes see the area, "css": Optional inline css to include in the form },
"domains": The list of domains where the form can be used,
... (more domains)
"fields": The id and settings for each field,
"field_id": The id of the field,
"settings": [OPTIONAL] { ... } (The settings of the field which depends on the type of the field. See area for more information),
... (more fields)
"attachments": True if attachments are allowed, false otherwise
Response { "form_id": The id of the newly created form }


The sandbox only handles GET operations for now.