Podio API Documentation

Flows: Add new flow

POST /flow/{ref_type}/{ref_id}/

Creates a new flow on the given reference. Only valid reference is "app".

Request {
"name": The name of the flow,
"type": The type of the flow, currently only supports "item.create" and "item.update",
"config": The configuration for the cause of the flow (see below),
"effects": The list of effects to add
"type": The type of effect,
"attributes": The expressions for each effect attribute
"{attribute_id}": The expression for the given attribute,
... (more attributes)
... (more effects)

The "config"-property of a flow depends on the "type"-property. For "item.create", the config property should be an empty object:


For "item.update", the "config"-property has the following structure:

"field_ids": [list of field ids]

The flow will execute when any of the field ids in the list is updated.


The sandbox only handles GET operations for now.