Podio API Documentation

Calendar: Get space calendar

GET /calendar/space/{space_id}/

Returns all items and tasks that the user have access to in the given space. Tasks with reference to other spaces are not returned or tasks with no reference.

PHP Client
PodioCalendarEvent::get_for_space( $space_id, $attributes = array() );
Ruby Gem
Podio::CalendarEvent.find_all_for_space( space_id, options = {} )

The date to return events from


The date to search to


The minimum priority for the events to return

Default value: 1

True if tasks should be included in the calendar, false otherwise

Default value: true
Response [ { "type": The type of the entry, either "task", "item" or "meeting", "id": The id of the entry, "group": The group of the object, null for tasks and app item name for items, "title": The title of the entry, "description": The description or agenda of the entry, "location": The location of the entry, if any, "start": The start date, "start_date": The date part of the start, "start_time": The time part of the start, if any, "end": The end date if entry, if any, "end_date": The date part of the end, if any, "end_time": The time part of the end, if any, "status": The RSVP status of the user, if any, "link": The full link to the object, "app": The app the object belongs to, if any, { "app_id": The id of the app, "name": The name of the app, "item_name": The name of items in the app, "icon": The icon of the app } }, ... (more entries) ]


Try the operation "/calendar/space/{space_id}/"

You can simulate the API request by filling out the arguments below, and press the submit button to see the response.

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