Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Podio API free to use?

The Podio API is free to use for both premium and free Podio accounts. Both have full access to the API and have the same rate limits. There is no extra charge for using the API.

How do I get an API key?

You have to sign in or sign up with Podio. Then you find your API keys as a tab under your account settings.

What are the limitation on API requests?

To ensure the Podio runs well for everyone your API integration is bound by certain rate limits. If you exceed that limit all your API requests will result in errors. You can read more about the specific limits and how to monitor your usage in the rate limits section.

Can I get a higher rate limit?

If your API integration requires a higher rate limit it's possible that your rate limits can be increased. First make sure you follow our tips for reducing your usage. If you still require higher limits contact with a brief description of your project, your estimated usage and the client_id of the API key you are using.

I'm building an automated script, how do I authenticate automatically?

The recommended authentication method for the Podio API is the OAuth server-side flow. We recognize that this is not a great way to authenticate automated scripts. For those situations it's recommended that you authenticate using app authentication. With app authentication you can authenticate as a single Podio app using a special app token.

How can I get API tokens programmatically?

App tokens ar eavailable in the developer info section of any Podio app, but sometimes it's useful to be able to get app token programmatically. This allows you to e.g. configure script automatically. To apply for programmatic access to app tokens contact with a brief description of your project and the client_id of the API key you are using.

I'm getting errors about my trust level, how can I get my trust level increased?

Certain API operations are limited to API clients with an increased trust level. These are typically destructive operations such as deletion of workspaces or apps. If you need access to a restricted API operation contact with a brief description of your project and the client_id of the API key you are using

Where can I find client libraries for the Podio API?

We provide client libraries for PHP, Ruby, .NET, Python, Java and iOS. You can find links to all of them under Client libraries.

Where can I find API reference documentation?

You can find full reference documentation right here on this site under API Areas. The reference documentation contains descriptions for each API operation along with sample code for use with the Ruby and PHP client libraries.

Do you have a mobile SDK for iOS?

We provide a fully native mobile SDK for iOS. You can find the link to it under Client libraries.

I'm having trouble with my code, where can I go for help?

The best places for help are our Developer forum or you can post your question on Stack Overflow and tag it with podio